Tired of the ordinary, conventional, slightly vacuous pop that’s around at the moment? Yeah me too. So why not invest in a pop artist a little more bold like new talent on the block Betsy?
Betsy, real name Elizabeth Humfrey, released her self titled debut album this year and is now touring around the UK on the back of its critical success. She’ll be playing at our very own Gorilla on Wednesday 29th November.

She’s statuesque, platinum blonde, glamorous and has a voice like an Annie Lennox/Cher/Shirley Bassey collaboration. Quite a good combination if you ask me. And to top it off, Betsy has created a powerful album of pop/soul tracks that sing of heartache, break ups, and self-reflection. Tracks like ‘Wanted More’ and ‘Little White Lies’ are unavoidable pop gems that’re propelled by Betsy’s unique vocals. She’s got a healthy following behind her, her Spotify listeners have grown to well over 200,000, and is becoming one of those pop artists who’ll just keep getting better over time (like a vintage bottle of Malbec). It’ll be a good gig to witness solely to see the striking Betsy in the flesh, and to hear if that voice really lives up to expectations.


Betsy performs at Gorilla on Wednesday 29th November. Tickets are available here. Words by Tom Frodsham.

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