Franz Ferdinand have kicked off a world tour following the release of latest studio album ‘Always Ascending’, their first solo release since 2013’s ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’. Franz hit the ground running with their self-titled debut back in 2004, and have always been one of the small handful of bands form the early 2000s indie explosion who have stood the test of time well. We caught up with the Scottish ‘dance rockers’ at Albert Hall.

Albert Hammond Jr. has been a welcome addition to a number of Franz Ferdinand’s UK and Europe dates. Opening for the band, the Strokes guitarist helps get things started at Albert Hall supporting his upcoming album ‘Francis Trouble’, due next month. Hammond reminded the crowd of his charming rhythm guitars, in a brief but entertaining set. Turning to the main event, as soon as the Glaswegian five-piece graced the stage at the ravishing Albert Hall, you did feel that same buzz of excitement that threw the band to the top of the UK charts back in the mid-noughties. The band opened their set with ‘Paper Cages’ from the latest album, which you may have recently heard on the Andrew Marr Show

Frontman Alex Kapranos allured the crowd with his usual intimate charm, connecting between the act and the crowd, and with the support of a captivating venue made a great combination for a live experience. The crowd was fluid as the band threw smooth, neat, and catchy sounds. With a touch of synths and disco-like sound from their record, Always Ascending, the band lingered the crowd to dance along through the whole set.

Though the majority of the evening was built around takes from the latest record, the boys didn’t shy away from their youthful big hits as well; ‘Take Me Out’, ‘Do You Want To’, and ‘The Dark of the Matinée’ all got a deserved run out. ‘Take Me Out‘ in particular received a riotous welcome, one of their first two singles that exposed them to global recognition. As much as it has become a template, we all love a good encore. We were left hanging after their close with recent title-track single ‘Always Ascending’, the band went back on stage to deliver a couple more songs. Kapranos took us on a musical journey as he introduced the band during ‘Feel The Love Go’ – Bob Hardy, Paul Thomson, Julian Corrie, and Dino Bardot – as they each showcased their instrument. Things were finally brought the party to a close with finale ‘This Fire’. Come back again soon gents.

Franz Ferdinand performed at the Albert Hall on Tuesday 13th February 2018.

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