Rhye are set to bring their dreamy and lusty set back on the road as they tour latest record, ‘Blood’. Led by Canadian singer Michael Milosh, the record is painted with the usual slow, soft, and seductive sound we’ve come to associate with downtempo ‘band’, again delivering a romantic and ethereal collection of tracks. Heading out on a world tour to support the record this summer, catch the mysterious outfit in the flesh when they headline the O2 Ritz on 6th June.

‘Blood’ arrives on the shelves nearly five years after Rhye’s debut release ‘Woman‘, which original collaborators Michael Milosh and Robin Hannibal dropped out of the blue to wide acclaim. Following the departure of Robin Hannibal, Milosh maintained the romantic and tender core of Rhye as he continues the project, now turning towards a band-oriented mentality, a live energy which we expect will translate perfectly to the stage this summer at The Ritz.


Rhye perform at the O2 Ritz on Wednesday 6th June 2018. Tickets are available here.

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