Brooding electronic duo Otzeki have quickly found a loyal following with alt-rock take on modern electronica, along with their scintillating live shows. The London-based cousins, Mike Sharp and Joel Roberts, shape their electronic arrangements with beautiful visceral beats and crunching guitar, what they refer to as “candy coated dictatorship/electronic dance rock.” Supporting a debut LP ‘Binary Childhood’, the pair are heading out on a short European tour, bringing them to Soup Kitchen on Wednesday 9th May.

Following up on 2016 EP ‘Falling Out’, the two-piece have built on their opening statement with a cocktail of soulful sound and groovy beats, crafting “clever pop music built upon vocals that meditate upon millenial struggle, and underpinned by electronic rhythms and subtle production”. Otzeki have now kicked off their spring European tour, and will be supported by the big sounds and lush textures of electronic musician/producer Ben Hayes. Don’t miss out!


Otzeki perform at Soup Kitchen on Wednesday 9th May 2018. Tickets are available here.

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