It was back in 2009 when highly influential Nottingham metallers Pitchshifter announced work on a new album. Though we’re still waiting for new material from frontman JS Clayden and Co., they’ve unveiled plans for a tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1998 release ‘‘. Backed up by fellow Nottingham natives Earthtone9 as support, they begin the shows at our very own Academy 3 on 20th November. Tickets are on sale now.

The bizarrely-titled ‘’ was the second full-length album from the Nottingham outfit, released in the dial-up days of April 1998. It’s probably go-to album for the band, remembered fondly for big singles ‘Genius’ and ‘W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.’. Widely considered as torch bearers to the British industrial metal scene with a sonic signature of downtuned guitars, sampling and drum machines, their last album came 16 years ago with ‘PSI’. Performing their first set of shows since 2008, the short anniversary tour kicks off in Manchester before heading to Bristol, London and ending with a homecoming show in Nottingham.


Pitchshifter perform at Academy 3 on Tuesday 20th November. Tickets are available here.

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