Witch Fever are an angry and honest, all-girl punk band from Manchester. Formed “through the love of loud music and tits” their boisterous and energetic take on punk is full with catchy riffs and fierce vocals. We caught up with members Amy, Annabelle, Alisha and Alex ahead of their appearance at Manchester Punk Festival.

// How do you describe yourself as a band?

Amy: Fierce all girl punk/grunge band that won’t take none of ur shit.

Annabelle: Angry.

Alisha: Crazy, don’t give a fuck and fun.

Alex: Angry girls with instruments.

// What music have you been listening to this week?

Amy: The new Pianos Become The Teeth album, Porridge Radio and Blacklisters.

Annabelle: Garbage, Burial, The Flaming Lips, Parquet Courts.

Alisha: Portishead, Nina Simone, Garbage, Alvvays.

Alex: Iceage’s new single & new albums by Oughts & Hookworms.

// Best takeaway in Manchester?

Amy: Not technically a takeaway but Font in Fallowfield do mint food deliveries!

Annabelle: Cakeaway. They do the best cookie dough.

Alisha: Chesters in Fallowfield.

Alex: Hands down the one opposite 42’s for the garlic mayo alone.

// What’s your key inspiration when songwriting?

Amy: Generally I write all the lyrics based on a riff someone comes up with and they tend to come from feelings of anger, sadness or even just being a bit pissed off by something kinda small. There’s a lot of power and anger in the sound we make so the lyrics naturally bounce off of that.

Annabelle: I like to draw things from whatever I’ve recently listened to.

Alisha: I draw inspiration from all the different music I listen to and then try and add different, more personal aspects.

Alex: I tend to draw inspiration musically from post punk and creatively from current affairs.

// What was the last film you/you all saw?

Amy: Mother!

Annabelle: Big Daddy.

Alisha: The last film I watched was Insidious.

Alex: Ladybird.

// What is the best purchase you ever made?

Amy: The first two of my giant African snails I got when I was a teenager!

Annabelle: The Nando’s I had earlier.

Alisha: My Gretsch Electromatic G5435T Pro Jet Bigsby.

Alex: My fave book by Yukio Mishima ‘The sailor who fell from grace with the sea’ or my vox delay lab

// Who’s your dream band or artist to share a stage with?

Amy: I’d love to play a show with Petrol Girls – from what I’ve seen they’re super empowering and progressive, especially in terms of using the platform they have to open up discussions within feminism & politics.

Annabelle: Lou Reed if he was still about because that’d be sick.

Alisha: Madonna. Cos she’s cool asf.

Alex: Savages because the energy they have on stage is unrivalled & Jehny Bet is an idol of mine.

// Do you think the city has influenced you as an artist or a band?

Amy: Manchester seems to be stuck in the Madchester days and it fucking sucks! Its starting to change a little now but when I first moved here 3 years ago all I saw was indie boy band after indie boy band and it’s so boring. So I suppose yes, Manchester has influenced me as an artist, but only in pushing me out of the safe Oasis copycatting and into something much more fun, important and angry. Even if people come to our gigs and hate punk, we still make an impression because we offer something different to what’s normally seen – sound, stage presence, gender and all!

Annabelle: Yeah, personally, because there’s more of a music scene than back home and we all met in Manchester.

Alisha: Yeah, definitely, just because I listened to the likes of The Smiths and Joy division growing up, so obviously that has an influence on the way I play and write music.

Alex: Yes, probably in the sense that we don’t want to fit in with the local scene (all boy psych bands!) which makes us wanna be louder in our music and be more vocal in our opinions.


Witch Fever perform at Manchester Punk Festival 2018. Tickets are available here.

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