Manchester got a bit of the West Coast indie treatment on Saturday when ambient dream pop rockers Lo Moon brought their dose of California dreamin’ to Night & Day Café. If you thought it was hot outside – temperatures peaked at 24°C over the weekend – Night and Day itself could have doubled as a sauna it was so warm inside. So warm in fact it felt like Lo Moon had practically brought the LA weather with them; think Monica Geller in Friends ‘IT’S THE HUMIDITY’.

Kicking off appropriately with belter ‘This Is It’, the punchy track was the perfect choice to introduce the crowd to their original take on psych/indie rock. This was the first date on their first ever UK tour, following the release of their debut self titled album released in February garnering a cult following in the US. “This is fucking fun! It’s our first UK tour date; we didn’t think anyone would show up”, it was a pretty good turn out with the venue looking close to sold out.
Lo Moon are made up of Matt, Cristanta and Samuel who have a knack for creating psychedelic inspired music that appeals to an indie audience, a perfect combo for us Mancs. Many of their tracks have a soundtrack feeling to them like the score to some independent film from the mid 90’s starring Parker Posey.

Each song played was of an epic, lengthy proportion; 6 or 7 minutes long; so the melody of the track could get lost sometimes in the long instrumentals. Maybe trim them down a minute or two next time guys yeah? Lead singer Matt held the crowd’s attention like a pro from the very beginning. He had an intense way of vocalizing each song that the Night & Day crowd lapped up. The show peaked with their most conventional track ‘Real Love’; performed live it proved to be the slickest track of the night. It should really be the lead single as it got the best reception of the night.

As the gig progressed it could have easily become one dimensional with only one album to perform from, so it was good to hear more progressive tracks mix up the set list like ‘Tried To Make You My Own’ with it’s subtle hints of added synth goodness. After a quick courteous encore they returned for two more tracks; thankfully leaving album highlight ‘Loveless’ until last. All night they got heckled for it; “LOVELESS!’, “do Loveless!” and “do one more, LOVELESS!”, so as any good band would do Lo Moon finished the show pleasing the people of Manchester.


Lo Moon performed at Night & Day Café on Saturday 19th May 2018. Words by Tom Frodsham.

Read our recent interview with Lo Moon here.

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