Proforma is an exciting new annual contemporary art festival in Manchester, hosting a range of twenty innovative artists from the North West. Founded by artists Lizz Brady and Rory Mullen with curator Chris Bailkoski, the one night only exhibition will take place Saturday 28th July at the wonderful art deco theatre The Dancehouse, featuring new commissions inspired by artists’ response to the site and ‘epic theatre’. Over three acts, fans will be treated to a festival of sculpture, moving image, sound and performance, with artists interchanging on stage.

Amongst the host of names on the bill is artist Omid Asadi (formerly an engineer and champion boxer from Iran) investigating complex issues concerning identity with his intricate artwork. Joining his is sound artist Helmut Lemke, poet and short prose writer Rory Cook, sculpture and performance artist Nicola Dale and Rory Mullen, exploring performance and its relationship to the theatrical and comedic.

Born from a “necessity to celebrate contemporary artists in the Greater Manchester and North West region”, the festival promises to present their work in a large scale, annual exhibition with the aim of promoting them to a wider public. Proforma will also feature work by Go Away, video installation duo Nightshift International, sound artist Lee Patterson, performance artist John Powell-Jones, artist, educator and curator Stina Puotinen and Jonathan Whitter. There will also be live music from power duo Lost Under Heaven and French-born, London-based No Mercury with Lizz Brady. Tickets for the one-day extravaganza are now on sale starting at £6, so don’t miss out!


Proforma takes place at The Dancehouse on Saturday 28th July. Tickets are available here.

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