New exhibition ‘Lest We Forget?’ has opened by the Imperial War Museum North, illustrating how we as a country have commemorated those lost in the First World War. Exploring our relationship with The Great War through through the themes of personal memorials, community tributes, state rituals and memorials and popular movements, watch below for a taste on what to expect at the thought-provoking exhibition.

Alongside over 180 items, photographs, film and audio clips on display, the exhibition will showcase ten paintings commissioned by the British government in 1918 from some of the nation’s most prominent war artists such as Paul Nash, Stanley Spencer, Wyndham Lewis and John Singer Sargent; specifically his 1919 masterpiece ‘Gassed’. ‘Lest We Forget?’ will aim to “explore how the First World War has shaped the society we live in today” as part of the ‘Making a New World’ season at IWM North, situated by Salford Quays.


Lest We Forget?’ runs until 24th February 2019, with free entry.

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