In the space of just a few years since releasing their debut record, Dilly Dally have seen off extensive tours across the globe and found critical acclaim, only to nearly collapse under the weight of their own success and call it quits. Thankfully, the Toronto quartet are still with us, having just seen off the release of new album ‘Heaven’, a “fierce, fiery ode to optimism”. The band visit our shores in January on a short tour across Europe, playing at Night People on 26th January (and tickets are just a tenner!)

Formed by frontwoman Katie Monks and guitarist Liz Ball during their in high school, the two bonded over a shared love for grunge and rock, soon expanding the line-up with bassist Jimmy Tony and drummer Benjamin Reinhartz. Debut album ‘Sore’ came in 2015, possessing a sound best described by The Guardian as “bludgeoning bass, gnarly guitars and red-raw vocals”. Recorded with producer Rob Schnapf of Elliott Smith and Beck fame, the new album “highlights Dilly Dally’s rough edges in all their ragged glory, drawing every potent ounce of energy from the foursome’s swampy tones, raspy vocals, and volatile rhythm section”. Catch them in the flesh at Night People this winter.


Dilly Dally perform at Night People on Saturday 26th January 2019. Tickets are available here.

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