Avant garde composer and master of meditative melancholy William Basinski visits The White Hotel this week for a rare show demonstrating his unique place in ambient music. His last performance in the city came during 2017’s MIF events, bringing his unique multilayered and hypnotic electronica to festival square. Last tickets are still available for the show on Wednesday 24th October.

Basinski has recently teamed up with Australian composer Lawrence English for debut collaborative album ‘Selva Oscura’, recorded simultaneously in Brisbane and Los Angeles. Basinski’s last solo work came last year in the shape of ‘A Shadow In Time’, some of his strongest work since he found fame with 2001 masterpiece ‘Disintegration Loops’. Catch the experimental musician in the flesh at The White Hotel this week.


William Basinski performs at The White Hotel on Wednesday 24th October. Tickets are available here.

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