Following a sold out show at Night People local indie group The Monday Night Club have announced their next headline show, playing Jimmy’s on 16th December. Releasing debut EP ‘A View from the Back Room’ this summer, the young five-piece are Marcus Roberts on vocals, Mike Watkins on lead guitar, John Lloyd on rhythm guitar and keys, Liam Devlin on bass, Ciaran Booth on drums. We caught up with Ciaran ahead of their show at Jimmy’s.

Hello Monday Night Club! How would you describe yourself as a band?

When we have to put a label on it we tend to just slap the “Indie” title on there, ’cause within our music we vary quite a lot. Some stuff’s a bit heavier whereas we have some really pop-based stuff which you can have a dance too. We all went to school together at St. Ambrose College and started off just jamming after school, messing around, as you do, then about a year or so ago decided to start taking it more serious when we realised we were actually writing some decent stuff and were dying to show a crowd what we could do.

Is there anything you’re working on we should know about?

Yes!! We’re back in the studio over Christmas to record a few singles which will be out after New Year. We may even play some of the brand new ones at the Jimmy’s gig, who knows…

What music have you been listening to this week?

I have to admit, after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody this week I’ve been listening to and watching Queen videos like mad, and I think the rest of the band feel the same! I’m a big fan of a lot of classic rock stuff, being a drummer, so I try to take a little bit of the madness of the great drummers of the era into our shows. Mike and John, our guitarists, listen to quite a lot of jazz stuff, whereas Marcus and Liam are big fans of a lot of newer alternative bands but we’re pretty eclectic in what we enjoy, which is probably why there’s a lot of crossover in our songs. It just depends how you’re feeling I guess!

Do you have any track that is fairly challenging for you to play live? How do you address that?

We’re pretty tight at nailing our set but occasionally we get a bit carried away in some of our rockier stuff and start the song too quick. It’s not the end of the world as long as you stay at that tempo, and if anything, brings more energy to the songs, even if it does mean breaking more of a sweat on the drums!

What is the best purchase you ever made?

Before every gig or practise in Manchester, we all go to ‘Northern Soul Grilled Cheese’ in the Northern Quarter to have Mac n Cheese. It’s like our own little ritual. That’s definitely the best purchase we’ve made – 100%.

If you could master one instrument, what would it be?

Obviously every band wants the become the master of their own instruments, and we all play other instruments on the side, but if we were going to be a bit more adventurous I’d love to learn saxophone one day. John would swap his guitar for a trumpet and Marcus reckons he could have a good crack at a harmonica solo. Who knows, give us a few weeks to get practising for Jimmy’s!

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

Over the next year we plan to have a fair few more songs out, after the first two singles did quite well. Nothing beats the feeling when people actually sing something you wrote back to you – it’s surreal and is a pretty big motivator to keep working on new material. We plan to work our way up in the Manchester scene and hopefully venture to new lands around the country at some point too!

If you could be an animal what would you be?

John reckons he’d be a cat. I can see that as he’s rather relaxed about everything and anything. Marcus, a crocodile, and Liam, “some sort of bird” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Me; I’d be a wolf.


The Monday Night Club perform at Jimmy’s on Sunday 16th December. Tickets are available here.

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