Macclesfield’s calypso-flavoured Cassia have quickly built a huge following in Manchester, now growing further afield with release of debut album ‘Replica’ on the near horizon. Supporting the album, the band have announced a string of UK dates for this autumn, ending with a night at the majestic Cathedral on Halloween…

Combining continent-spanning influences with vigorous energy, Cassia have quickly found fans with their own brand of “calypso-flavoured afro-rock”, mixing the “quintessentially British, and the unequivocally exotic”. The band embarked on a sell out tour of the UK last month, following a busy summer appearing at The Great Escape, Dot to Dot, Truck, Y-Not, and Leeds & Reading, as well as an extensive tour of Europe stopping in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Not too shabby for a band with just the one eponymous EP to their name.

Speaking to BagThing on their music last autumn, the band commented: “Being a three-piece, the majority of our set is a challenge to play live, you’re constantly having to think about filling space, locking in with each other and keeping groove. All the African music that we draw influence from tends to have many textures, duelling melodic instruments and complicated syncopated rhythms are key to the style. So, we have our work cut out, but we’re not complaining!”


Cassia perform at Manchester Cathedral on Thursday 31st October 2019. Tickets are available here.

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