Founded in 2015, Diving Station’s dreamy pop showcases the sound of “a young band in full bloom”. The group have seen off two distinct EPs that showcase their skilled musicianship, paired with ethereal arrangements and poignant lyricism. Their sophomore EP ‘Feather Mouth’ was released late last year, a record “full of fascinating anthemic abstractions and swooning otherworldly ambiance, but packed with triumphant and massively effective songwriting” if Piccadilly Records are to be believed. We caught up with the group ahead of their a show at YES this October.

// Hello Diving Station! How would you describe yourselves as an artist?

As a band we generally go with “Harp-Driven Dream Pop” so take that as you will. We are inspired by a lot of different genres from Post Punk to Jazz but to be honest at the heart of everything the song is what we are all about.

// Is there anything you’re working on we should know about?

We have two brand new singles coming out this summer which we can’t wait to share with the world. The first, ‘Film’ is coming out this week! We are also accompanying this with a launch gig at YES on the 3rd of October, see you there!?

// Where’s your favourite drinking spot in Manchester?

Big Hands is a default for us. Sandbar offers us a bit of class when we need it, and if it’s ever sunny in Manchester, then YES rooftop bar is where it’s at!

// What was the last film you/you all saw?

Sean // I’m not much of a film-watcher – I think the last one I saw was one of the Star Trek movies that ended up on Netflix, and I didn’t care for it too much.

Anna // Last film I saw was Birdman, the soundtrack is incredible.

Barny // I’m gonna represent the nerds here with the superhero blockbuster resurgence and proudly state Avengers:Endgame. I’ve loved the Marvel franchise I the ending was, as Trump would say, “Huuuuuge!”

George // I watched John Carpenter’s The Fog last week. The soundtrack is awesome and the film has an odd dreamy quality, almost like a nightmare. But it doesn’t take itself too seriously!

// What’s the best gig you’ve been to over the last 6 months?

Sean // For me it has to be Better Oblivion Community Center at The Ritz a few weeks ago. Seeing Phoebe Bridgers sing Bright Eyes’ ‘Lua’ was something I’ll never forget.

Anna // We all went to see Rozi Plain promote her new album “What A Boost”. Listen if you haven’t already!

George // Julia Holter at Gorilla. She’s a very captivating performer and managed to make a big venue feel intimate.

// Who are your favourite lyricists? Why?

Sean // I think Conor Oberst’s ability to continuously churn out songs that never fail to resonate in someway with his listeners is beautiful.

Anna // For me Fiona Apple’s crazy quirky outlook on life will always be a constant inspiration, same with Joanna Newsom. I love Laura Marling and her straight talking no nonsense tongue. Too many to say…

George // I recently read a book about The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and found Syd Barrett’s lyrics really fascinating, as well as the real and imaginary inspirations behind them. Similarly, the stark honesty of Jeff Magnum’s lyrics had a big impact on me.

Barny // I love Paul Simon, the way he writes stories and then the music puts you in the picture of that story. It’s immersive and moving.

// What is your favourite song to perform? Why?

Sean // Currently it’s ’You’re Not Listening’. I’m still not used to people knowing our songs when we play live, and seeing a few people singing along to this means the world!

Anna // My personal favourite at the moment is ‘Honeybees’, one of our new singles. I like it cause I get to have a wee dance which never normally happens with our music!

George // ‘Film’ because it is one of our louder songs and I get to dig in more when we play it! I’m really happy with how we arranged all of the parts in this song.

Barny // We recently played at Dot To Dot and did a tune called ‘Joanna’ for the first time. We were saying afterwards how in a live context it feels so much more downbeat than the majority of our other tunes, but felt great.

// If you could be an animal for the day, what would you be?

Sean // There was a time when my hair resembled that of a ginger highland cow, so it seems sensible to go for that.

Anna // I would be a Heron, they remind me of home.

George // A house cat so I could hopefully sit in front of a fire all day.

Barny // I’d be a cheetah or a leopard. Pretty torn. The cheetah, for the speed, the leopard because I love climbing, they’re good climbers. And so effortlessly elegant.


Diving Station perform at YES on Thursday 3rd October 2019. Tickets are available here.

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