Local indie label AnalogueTrash are taking over The Bread Shed this summer to celebrate their tenth birthday. Bringing some of their favourite acts to the Grosvenor Street venue, fans can look forward to sets from indie/electronic outfit The Cowls, BBC Introducing favourites Def Neon, industrial quartet St Lucifer, synth indie-pop group Spray and post-punk duo Stocksnskins. Attendees can also look forward to birthday cake (naturally), goodie bags, stalls, special guests and more. Also on the bill are Factory Acts, Nature Of Wires, along with DJ sets from Anointed, Vieon, Ded.Pixel and live visuals. Ahead of the show, we spoke with owner Adrian Brian Thompson, talking past, present and future…

// Hello Adrian! Can you tell us a little more about what we can expect from AnalogueTrash’s 10th birthday celebrations?

Sure! Essentially, we’re celebrating 10 years of AnalogueTrash being a thing with a massive celebration, gathering as many friends, fans and artists that are associated with the label into one place for what we hope will be a brilliant party. There’ll be live sets from bands on the label, DJs, special appearances from friends and co-conspirators over the years and I’d imagine a lot of beer and cake.

// How did AnalogueTrash originally come into being?

AT originally started as a club night and promotions outfit back in 2009. There was a gap in the city and nobody seemed to be putting on the kind of small bands we wanted to see and playing the mix of music we wanted to hear, so we thought we’d give it a go ourselves. Our first ever gig was on a Thursday in the back room of what was then Moho Live in the Northern Quarter.

After a few gigs there we moved to doing a monthly club night at Legends, moved around a bit doing a load of gigs and clubs and then in late 2013 we launched a label under the AT banner and here we are – still doing gigs, putting on club nights and releasing music.

// Do you have any upcoming releases that we should be keeping an ear out for?

Yes! We actually just released a superb album from Spray which is a big release for us and some of the most fun, intelligent pop music I’ve heard in a long time. The album – Failure if Inevitable – is the 5th studio album for the band and it’s already being well received.

Next up we’re putting out a new EP from local electropunks St Lucifer titled Ultra/Violence which is a follow on from their Music is Violence album that came out last year. We’ve also got a double album from US-based electronica producer IIOIOIOII due out in June and this August we’re scheduled to release the new album from Manchester-based prog/electronica act ded.pixel which has been a long time coming and is going to be mint.

// Do you have a favourite venue in Manchester? Or perhaps a favourite space to host shows in?

I appreciate this is a bit biased ‘cos I manage them for a day job, but I’m a huge fan of The Eagle Inn, Gullivers and The Castle Hotel – all fantastic, intimate venues where I’ve seen loads of bands I love and discovered some great new music too. I’m also a big fan of AATMA and The Peer Hat and have done a load of gigs and club nights there, as well as Tribeca’s downstairs Bed Bar which is probably my favourite small club space in the city.

// What’s the best gig you’ve been to over the last 6 months?

No shame whatsoever when I tell you that Robyn’s recent London gig at Alexandra Palace was amazing and everything I wanted it to be. It was easily my gig highlight of 2019 so far. Amazing performance, brilliant crowd, fantastic atmosphere and she played all my favourite songs. Can’t ask for more really.

// What music have you been listening to this week?

I’m on a massive post-punk kick at the moment and I’m rinsing the recent stuff from Desperate Journalist, Soft Kill, The Agnes Circle and Drab Majesty. I’ve also rediscovered how much I adore Fleetwood Mac and have been revisiting a lot of their back catalogue. Bit of a contrast, but my tastes are pretty eclectic to say the least.

// Have there been any particular highlights over the last 10 years?

That’s a tough one. We’ve certainly had our ups and downs, but we’ve made some amazing memories. Every successful gig or release is a highlight really. When you invest so much time and energy into something like a label or promotions business you really learn to cling to the highs because they get you through the tough times.

My personal favourite thing though, is when you’ve been a venue all day, you’re knackered, probably slightly drunk and you just want to go to bed but at the same time, you look out and you see a room full of people who are loving a band you’ve put on or who are dancing to a really good DJ’s set – every one of those is a highlight and it’s hard to pinpoint a particular one.

OK that was a bit gushy, but there we go.

// And finally, what can we expect, and what are you hoping for, across the next 10 years of AnalogueTrash?

In the short term, we’ve got loads of new releases lined up and we’re firmly back on the live music wagon after a bit of a break, with loads of gigs coming up in Manchester and across the country. I’m on tour with my own band Vieon a lot this year, and it’s going to be a lot of fun sharing the stage with other AT acts and friends.

Moving forward, I’m just hoping we can keep doing what we do for as long as possible. The music industry and the world in general are pretty uncertain places these days, so I’ll be made up if in ten years’ time we’re still putting on cool gigs, releasing interesting music and still hanging out with the community of awesome people we’ve grown to call our chosen family over the past ten years.


AT:10 takes place at The Bread Shed on Saturday 15th June 2019. Tickets are available here.

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