Announcing their first public concerts in over five years, Chromatics have unveiled an extensive series of dates across Europe, playing at the Albert Hall on 23rd October. Anticipation is high for the new shows, which will feature films directed by producer and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Jewel, mixed live by video artist Danny Perez. Fans can expect an audio-visual extravaganza, blurring the line between stage and screen. Listen to new single ‘Time Rider’ below.

The US four-piece have a knack for producing dark, mysterious electro-pop, as well as popping up in unexpected places, from Chanel fashion shows to hit David Lynch drama Twin Peaks. Their debut album came back in 2003 with ‘Chrome Rats Vs. Basement Rutz’, now fast-forward sixteen years and the group have long-awaited fifth album ‘Dear Tommy’ scheduled for release on the near horizon. And for years now, they’ve been promising the release of Dear Tommy, its long-awaited follow-up. Support for their visit to the Albert Hall comes from Montreal outfit Desire, along with fellow Italians Do It Better label mates In Mirrors.


Chromatics perform at the Albert Hall on Wednesday 23rd October 2019. Tickets are available here.

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