The Castle Hotel is a lively bar that is situated in the Northern Quarter, and whilst it’s popular with punters looking to wet their whistle, there is also a constant flow of performances passing through. We’ve fast-forwarded to the remaining half of the year to mention some brilliant shows we believe that you might want to head down to yourself…

Saturday 31st August // Harrison Whitford 

// The Nashville based singer-songwriter with his warm tone voice released his first album ‘Afraid of Everything’ only last year. You may know him from being Phoebe Bridgers’ guitar player but now he is also creating his own neo-folk, soft sounding music. If you want a night of chilled out music which you can passionately sing along to, then tickets are only £11.20.

Tuesday 29th October // Cattle & Cane

// Last Christmas, the musical group Cattle & Cane sold out the Three Minute Theatre in Manchester and are now switching up venues this year to the Castle Hotel. Their newest album ‘Navigator’ is yet to be released but can be pre-ordered now, for when the album is released on the 8th November this year. If you’re fancying attending a night of alternative indie tunes leading up to your Halloween, performed by a previous sell-out band, then you can buy tickets here for only £11.

Wednesday 6th November // Harrison Storm

// From across the pond in Australia, the folk soloist is landing into Manchester as part of his 2019 tour, although he sadly can’t bring the hot weather with him. His most recent singles ‘Falling Down’ and ‘Run’ were released earlier this year with passionate lyrics and strong, soothing vocals. To join the Australian semi-finalist of the 2015 International Song Writing Competition, and to show him how Manchester reacts as a crowd, you can buy tickets for only £8.80.

Saturday 9th November // BRIDGES

// Do you fancy getting hyped up and sweaty on your Saturday night? The alternative rock band will be performing their hard-hitting songs which is sure to create a great amount of energy for fans in the room to get involved with. With singles released since 2017, their most recent release is called ‘Sunday’ which you could get your hands on from the 17th May this year.  If you’re in the mood for an alternative night, spending time with a band that has already appeared at festivals such as Leeds and Glastonbury, then you can get tickets here for £8.96.

Thursday 12th December // Jesse Marchant

// Born in Canada but based in America, you may know him better under his stage name JBM. His 2018 LP release ‘Illusion of Love’ includes his most popular song on Spotify, ‘Sister, I’ which has so far received over 4,000,000 clicks. With a voice that draws you in, his music allows you to feel every emotion. His music doesn’t consist of any old tunes, instead, it really makes you feel something wonderful and gets you thinking. To be a part of what is going to be a heartful performance, you can grab tickets here for £9.90.


For more listings, click here. Words by Beckie Bold.

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