Sheffield alternative/indie band SHEAFS come to town this October following a string of recent singles. Anticipation has been high for the band since their hit ‘This Is Not A Protest’ hit the shelves back in 2017. You can grab tickets here.

// Hello SHEAFS! How would you describe yourself as a band?

We’d say we’re an eclectic mix of genres resulting in an energetic wall of noise that makes you want to move.

// Do you have a favourite venue in Manchester?

There’s tonnes of class venues in Manchester. Think Deaf Institute probably tops it for us though, we saw Nick Waterhouse in there a couple of years back, and it’s just got a very unique feel to it. Obviously, Night & Day is up there as well and then you’ve got the Ritz or the Apollo for the bigger gigs.

// What do you want people to take away from your music?

Whatever they’d seem fit to, we just hope our music offers a momentary release of some kind.

// Do you have any track that is fairly challenging for you to play live? How do you address that?

We’re usually pretty well rehearsed for our live shows, so there’s never really a ‘challenging’ track so to speak. It’s more the off the cuff track that gets thrown in last minute, usually something we’ve not played for months, but in all fairness the scrapiness normally adds to it, it’s live music.

// What was the last film you/you all saw?

Cal’s a bit of an obsessive film fan, so we normally take recommendations from him (some shit, some good). The last film we all watched together was maybe Whiplash?

// Who are your favourite lyricists? Why?

Mike Skinner – social commentary at it’s best. David Bowie. Just cause it’s David Bowie. More recently Idles Joe Talbot, some of the work and underlying messages of ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’ is/are second to none.

// Dream band or artist to share a stage with?

Tricky one this. Maybe The Rolling Stones, or Cage The Elephant?

// What’s the best food to eat when you’re touring?

Probably noodles. There’s one vegetarian and one fake vegetarian in the band. So noodles is probably the biggest pleaser for all 5 of us on the road. Can’t knock a KFC in a time of need either.


SHEAFS play at the Night & Day Cafe on Saturday 5th October. Tickets are available here.

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