Welcome to our new regular feature ‘Isolation Blues’ whereby we post a playlist of some tracks we’ve been listening to in the last week that have helped to navigate through this strange new landscape. There are seven standard categories (based around the stages of grief) which reflect the range of emotions we go through each week. And we’ll select a track to compliment the mood. Click HERE for a link to the playlist on Spotify.

Plus we’ve recommended a Documentary and a Film to keep you entertained too.

Here are our first selections;

1) ‘Shock & Denial’ = Aphrodite’s Child – The Four Horseman

2) ‘Pain & Guilt’ = John Carpenter – Main Title (Escape From New York)

3) ‘Anger’ = Nirvana – Very Ape

4) ‘Reflection’ = Tecwaa – After Ambers

5) ‘The Upward Turn’ = Lonnie Liston Smith – Astral Travelling

6) ‘Reconstruction’ = Soulwax – Kraak (Nite Version)

7) ‘Acceptance’ = Tim Hecker – Sketch 5

Documentary of the week = ‘Tell Me Who I Am’ (Netflix)

Brutal, touching, honest…this documentary about twins rebuilding their lives after an accident is absolutely stunning.

Film of the week = ‘Marathan Man’ (Dir. John Schlesinger, 1976)

70’s paranoid thrillers seem to really work in the current environment and this is an absolute classic. Dustin Hoffman is a recent graduate who becomes involved in a plot by an ageing Nazi (Laurence Olivier) to retrieve stolen diamonds from a safety deposit in New York. It features CIA sub-plots, an amazing score by Michael Small and a scene that will make you think twice about going to the dentist ever again.


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