Only Joking Records have just issued the first in a series of compilations documenting Manchester’s underground music scene from the last 4 years.

Manchester Standards Vol. 1 & 2’ is a vinyl only limited edition release which can be purchased from Piccadilly Records and online through the Only Joking Records website.

The anthology features tracks from Gnod, Temple Songs, The Bell Peppers, Weird Era, Butchers and many more. It’s an amazing snapshot of the music that has emerged from Manchester over the last few years and we heartily recommend that you buy it.

Here is the Full Tracklist:

Side 1… 
1. Former Bullies – Plantetarium 
2. Daily Life – Alabaster 
3. Temple Songs – $$$$$$’ $$ $ $$$$$$$$$ 
4. Waiters – Tomorrowland 
5. Float Riverer – Pio Pio 
6. Sex Hands – Way No Way 
7. Hotpants Romance – Stop Escaping 
8. Peace Signs – Hands Are Shaking 

Side 2… 
1. Gnod – Creedon’s Clearwater Revival 
2. Butchers – Holding On, Hanging On 
3. Weird Era – Summer Heights 
4. Brown Brogues – TreetU Beta 
5. Klaus Kinski – Riffy Bugger 
6. The Bell Peppers – Bell Pepper Hop 

+ David Bailey art print included with the Vinyl. 

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