Cutting out the unwanted middlemen, Manchester indie grunge outfit Flesh have lined up a pair of videos for their new single via their own sNotpop Records.

‘Gon N Dun’, a three-minute romp through elongated vowels, growling power chords and stern frowns, is the missing link between early Feeder and the Seattle heartland, signalling their intent to leave a mark on the city’s skin.

The video, which shows the band rocking out in an old warehouse’s tiled toilet facilities, industrial lift and knackered corridors, has been swirling around the interwebs for only a month and is well on its way to notching 5,000 views. So go forth and sample your pound of Flesh.

Not satisfied with their own version, they’ve also hit fast forward with R Kid to twist Super Mario’s melons into a happy hardcore remix. More hyperactive than when your little brother necked his pick’n’mix in one go.


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