If the music we feature on BagThing has a common space then it’s a tendency to tread new aural territories. This chap’s proclamation of the Free Republic of Liberland as a new nation state might fit in, albeit without the tunes to soundscape his landscapes, rendering him worse off. Another attempted new territory is this idyllic Island in the Sun (available for less than the price of the average UK house, so form an orderly queue…) – a sunbather’s wet dream, perhaps, but again it’d be flawed by a lack of audio lubrication. Whereas across Manchester this week there are umpteen anthems trumpeting their soundless nations’ authority – the below recommended shows won’t set you back as much, and will be infinitely more socially rewarding.

Tonight’s first steps into the unknown are to Night & Day Cafe to experience lo-fi riffage courtesy of The King Khan & BBQ Show.

A short paddle across the Monday-Tuesday estuary sees a suitably rambunctious Mark E Smith in full verse at The Ritz, fronting his long reigning post-punk misfits, The Fall.

Similarly low-pitched but with more restraint, Mark Lanegan‘s Manchester Cathedral show preaches his philosophies the same night.

Wednesday 20th signals another trip to the promised land of Night & Day Cafe, this time for Moldy Peaches stalwart Kimya Dawson, whose strums bridge the personal and the political. Or for the musical equivalent of a panicked chase through thorn-ridden jungle pursued by the cast of Eight-Legged Freaks, head to the Carefully Planned-promoted You Slut! math/post-rock gig at Star & Garter.

Fumaça Preta, the returning sonic wanderers who’re carving their names into the Soup Kitchen basement’s walls on Thursday 21st, are the next to stick their flagpoles in the Northern Quarter’s turf, whereas the Songwriter Sessions continues to send soundwaves through the skies of suburbia – their guests’ tributes to Bonnie ‘Prince’ ‘Will Oldham’ Billy are scheduled from 8pm at Strange Brew in Chorlton.

Friday 22nd would have been the start of ATP‘s relocated hardcore jive at Victoria Warehouse, but they’ve announced its cancellation today, to this dismay of Drive Like Jehu fans nationwide. BC Camplight is now sold out, but there are plenty of other options that day, with a daytime Fashion Revolution afoot at 70 Oxford Street (formerly Cornerhouse), including a pair of enlightening documentaries being screened for free.

The city’s larger auditoriums will be filled by fans of shoegazers Money (at The Ritz) and post-rockers Explosions in the Sky (at Albert Hall), and the smaller climes of neighbouring Salford’s Eagle Inn host Hannah Lou Clark‘s melodic alt-rock.

Saturday 23rd is another for the discovery trail if you’ve never been to Levenshulme craft boozer Fred’s Ale House. London-based psych-folk troupe The Hanging Stars peddle the hazy Americana of their recently unleashed LP, Over the Silvery Lake.

As the week’s final bricks are cemented and our new land’s parliament assembles, it’s down to Domino Recordings’ Steve Mason to quench society’s thirst for indie-pop entertainment at Academy 2.

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