If rock’n’roll egoism is a disease, then Proto Idiot might be a cure. Their lo-fi fuzz boxes rattle and roll back to the garage rock Nuggets era. Clawing at their six-strings, four-strings and drumsticks, the theatrical trio’s raison d’etre is to entertain by commanding the stage, unleashing their sonic earworms and luring any budding dancers into their energetic worlds.

Their debut album is just over the horizon, achieving physical status via Bad Paintings from 27 May, and we’ve conveniently left the accompanying video, ‘Better Version Of Me’, below.

We engaged in abstract electronic conversation with their gunslinging bassist, Mike Seal.

How do you feel to not be playing in the 1960s garage rock golden age?

It feels fine, thanks. The only difference is there were probably a lot more paid gigs back then. All we get is chump change.

How does this compare with your other bands? Does it feel like you’re cheating on them?

Completely different. But please don’t tell them I’m doing this.

Do you prefer chords or chinos?

Cords forever, chinos never.

You say ‘Life isn’t real / Life is absurd’. Is the For Dummies album a cry for help?

You’ve misheard:
we say life is unfair,
not absurd.

But yeah, it is: a stroppy, sulky, silly one.

On your tour this June, will Love be the answer?

God is love, so probably not.

Proto Idiot poster

Proto Idiot launch their debut album, For Dummies, with a gig at Tiger Lounge on Thursday 9 June. They’re touring for most of June, including support slots with Arthur Lee’s Love at the end of the month.

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