Words by Beth Madden.

Tired Lion have travelled a long way to be here tonight – all the way from Perth, Australia in fact. I imagine that their stint in the UK has been worth it though, considering it included a quick stop-off at Glastonbury festival.

It’s easy to see how they were scouted for such an amazing opportunity, as frontwoman Sophie Hopes slices through the atmosphere of the room with her raspy, electric voice. The grunge vibes are evident, their long hair hanging over guitars as though soundwaves have replaced their gravitational pull, dragging them ever closer to their strings.

The urge to compare Hopes to Wolf Alice’s Ellie Roswell, or at a more ambitious reach Kim Gordon, is hard to resist. But perhaps this likening is more to do with the lack of female fronted bands at comparison points than it is their actual sound. Either way, it only harks home the message that when this setup works, it works astonishingly well.

“Intimate” though the crowd may be (to use Tired Lion’s word), it’s a Friday night and the people who are here are ready to have a good time. The energy of the room is clearly well-received by the band, who indulge their audience in behind-the-song stories and some of that famous Aussie banter, culminating with tongue-in-cheek jokes between drummer Ethan Darnell and guitarist Matt Tanner.

With the band’s Spotify playlists including the likes of The Flaming Lips and Dinosaur Jr., it makes sense that they have an authentic sound, with their music rooted in such well-established influences. They’re a band full of personality with the music to match.

The gig took place on Friday 15 July, 2016, at Gullivers.

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