Words By Dan Ashcroft

Following Monday’s rundown of 2016’s picks, we continue with another handful more than worthy of throwing in as last-minute stocking fillers…

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith // EARS

Bubbling and spacious, this is a brand of ambient electronica set apart from the rest. Her collaboration with the Modern Electronic Chopin, Suzanne Ciani, is also fantastic.

Darkthrone // Arctic Thunder

A suitably fed-back return to form for the black metal pioneers.

Swans // The Glowing Man

Swans’ output since they initially reformed in 2010 has been phenomenal. For a final album in their current incarnation, this two-hour collection of songs is a very appropriate full stop. Or possibly semi-colon.

The Comet Is Coming // Channel The Spirits

Cosmic both in name and nature, this funky psych-jazz trio deserved their Mercury nod for this one.

Tim Hecker // Love Streams

Hecker on form again with shifting, shimmering noises that overlap to create the most wonderful, intangible sounds.

Andy Stott // Too Many Voices

A solid record from Manchester’s best dance producer.

Robert Glasper + Miles Davis // Everything’s Beautiful

As you’d expect, everything’s beautiful on this project, featuring Davis’ voice and trumpet with re-worked versions of his most famous tracks alongside contemporary guest collaborators.

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