It’s easy for the term ‘psychedelia’ to get washed away in a sea of reverb and tape echo, but in the case of Stockholm’s Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, their colourful, modern brand of it has helped them quickly make a name for themselves within the genre.

Following a successful European tour last Autumn, the Nico-esque Josefin Öhrn is currently sat riding high on the 6Music playlist with her band The Liberation. Following their 2015 debut LP Horse Dance, they have added to their sonic explorations with their latest release Mirage, reflecting “the power in being completely lost and thriving on it”, in their own words. These explorations are an array encompassing psychedelia, krautrock, indie and avant-pop, which is aloof yet warm, soft, swelling and soaring.

Making their debut with the Swedish Grammy-nominated 2014 EP Diamond Waves, just three years later and the five-piece are already two albums heavier, about to head back out on the road offering listeners a finely tuned alternative reality. You can hear their hypnotising wall of sound at the Soup Kitchen, on Wednesday 1st March.


More information and tickets available here.

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