Words by Tom Frodsham

Anyone obsessed with Netflix’s Stranger Things (if you’re not then shame on you) will likely be obsessed with it in part due to the hypnotic and eerie original score that went with it. If you think about the series, you will most probably also think about its music (and THAT opening title sequence). S U R V I V E provided the score for the series and brought their output of intensely unique synth to Deaf Institute on Tuesday night.

The Texan quartet came on stage with no introduction; no words for the audience, instead letting the music speak for itself. The set was a mix of their high-octane compositions full of space age sounds and spontaneous punchy beats. Most of the tracks came from their latest album RR7349. Everyone in the venue was enraptured by the music; it was like being put under some sort of trance by the beats and heavy vibrations blasting into the room. If you’ve watched Stranger Things you’ll know the music played a key role in building tension in every scene and that’s exactly what S U R V I V E brought to the gig, especially as they didn’t once engage with the audience that only added to the mystique of the music that little bit more.

The group, who looked like any four blokes you’d find having a pint in Wetherspoons, each fiddled with keyboards switchboards (and God knows whatever else they were turning knobs on) to combine their sounds to create a uniquely distinctive body of work. Imagine the music from a mid-eighties horror B movie, and you’ll have an idea of what S U R V I V E’s signature sound is like. They take that taste for nostalgia and elevate it to another level. As swiftly as they came on stage, the group bowed and exited the stage without a word. As for Stranger Things? Roll on Season 2, even if it’s just for more of S U R V I V E’s amazing original score.


S U R V I V E played at the Deaf Institute on Tuesday 21st February, 2017.

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