Words and photos by Ged Camera.

As befitting someone whose voice could be said at times to resemble an angel singing, Edith took to the stage wearing angel draped over her shoulders. Meanwhile, Bernard is lined up on the opposite side of the stage wearing what looked like a heavy, knitted, polo neck jumper.
Nothing should be read into the distance between the duo, nothing to suggest a frosty relationship has developed, for it was a warm and intimate gig. During the performance, bathed throughout in a dark, blue light, she moved across the stage with a theatrical, almost balletic flair.

Surprisingly for a locally based band that has an avid following, the venue was not sold out but Edith (aka Greta Caroll) was completely at ease with the environment. Seemingly in a celebratory mood as the band had previously announced that they were going to play a mix of old and new songs, inviting followers to suggest a set list. Edith’s voice soared and swooped in a manner reminiscent of Liz Frazer (Cocteau Twins), whilst Bernard (aka Nick Delap) delivered the glacial tones from keyboards or guitar.

One wonders what will happen to her voice if she ever gets caught up on the touring treadmill, which is perhaps the reason why live performances are infrequent. Indeed, it is inevitable that the pair will be playing to much larger audiences. The duo have also fingers in the production area, having remixed a track by another Manchester based band, PINS, that feature Edith’s vocals, and some bloke called Iggy Pop.

The set closed with a joyous version of “Girls Night Out”, one that saw most the women present congregate around the stage and sing along with the sentiment


Bernard + Edith played at the Night & Day Café on Saturday 11th March 2017.

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