Words and photos by Wes Foster

Superfood have been out of the spotlight for a little while – they first broke in 2014 along with a set of other bands from Birmingham. Their 2014 debut, and only album to date, ‘Don’t Say That’, was well received and resulted in them becoming as household a name as any band can be on the mainly live indie circuit. Warm and fuzzy, they’ve always had an incredibly relaxed, laid back sound that is immediately catchy, whilst still the song writing is well worked and playful, most notably on their opening album track ‘Lily For Your Pad To Rest On’, an ever pleasing mix of sounds and textures, brought together by a band that have an ability to write freely, and bound to no one style.

2017 sees their return with the single, ‘Double Dutch’ after three years without a release, and continues their trend of using sampling to put together textured tracks, though pushes further to create consumable pop tracks with new members, though retaining the core of song writing duo Dom Ganderton and Ryan Malcolm.

The Dirty Hit Tour then is more of a label showcase for the bands – coming in as Superfood are trying out new ideas and new tracks, and at a time at which a new album feels almost imminent. They’re still one of the strongest live bands around, and that can be seen because devoted fans are out in force, during their set repeating most of the lyrics back from their debut. This strange time, between albums, shows a little, through an only thirty or so minute long set, which feels a little anticlimactic when they climb from the stage. They aren’t quite there yet, and their live set is still being polished but they’re showing signs of being close to being on top of their game.


Superfood performed at Sound Control on Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

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