We’ve been casting our eyes over to the Imperial War Museum North, who are hosting a major season of exhibitions and events to mark the final year of the First World War Centenary. Hosting exhibitions, events and experiences new to the museum, ‘Making a New World‘ explores our lasting relationship with the Great War, and how it has shaped our society today.

The new season will see new work from acclaimed Mancunian poet Tony Walsh in the museum’s immersive surround sound and 360 degree projection display The Big Picture Show, examining personal experiences of war and human spirit. The new poem, ‘Mightier Than War‘, will see themes of conflict and triumph accompanied by historic film footage and photographs projected onto throughout the Big Picture Space to bring these personal experiences to life. Walsh found himself in the public consciousness in 2017 when his poem ‘This Is the Place’ became a symbol of defiance following the Manchester Arena attack.

Also on display is new free exhibition ‘Lest We Forget?’, illustrating how we as a country have commemorated those lost in the First World War and how these symbols, such as poppy pins and monumental statues, have persisted throughout the century. Alongside over 180 items, photographs, film and audio clips on display, the exhibition will showcase 10 paintings commissioned by the British government in 1918 from some of the nation’s most prominent war artists such as Paul Nash, Stanley Spencer, Wyndham Lewis and John Singer Sargent; specifically his masterpiece ‘Gassed‘.


Making A New World‘ runs until 31st March 2019. ‘Lest We Forget?’ runs until 24th February 2019.

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