FTK (Feed The Kid) have only officially existed for one year, but have quickly amassed a strong body of work writing and recording throughout the 2018 at Music Box Studios in the Northern Quarter. The newly-formed group of individuals set out to express their shared concern of the distinct lack of morals in today’s modern society, and voice those opinions under the ‘FTK’ banner. Their latest appearance in the city comes at Band On The Wall on 23rd March, and we caught up with the band ahead of the night.

// Hello FTK! For those who aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe yourself as a band?

Curtis: Average.

Andy: Why the f*** you saying that, why would anyone comes see us?

Curtis: Funny isn’t it?

Andy: People will take you seriously, don’t leave that in.

// Is there anything you’re working on we should know about?

Curtis: Yeah, we are working on an album which will be done end of summer. Earlier than that we have a double A side single out on March 15th. The tracks are called ‘Deja Daydream’ and ‘Tight Leash’. There are a few favours we called in, long story short we ended up getting Jimmy Mckenna from Hollyoaks, as the main part, dressed as a clown from 10am – 8pm, and he wouldn’t let us listen to anything other than Sinatra all day – mint day to be fair.

Andy: Not sure my name has been slurred or said more times in one day than it was by Jimmy the drunken clown! Haha.

// What’s the best gig you’ve been to over the last 6 months?

Andy: Just outside 6 months, but The Rolling Stones at Old Trafford was probably one the best gigs I’ve ever been to. I managed to get an upgraded to PIT and VIP tickets. Could smell Mick Jaggers aftershave. Think he was wearing Old Spice !! haha. Was just an unbelievable day, tunes, booze and fun in the sun. Gave my original tickets to some close friends as a surprise for their wedding present. They were buzzing too!

Curtis: I don’t think any of us can top that.

// What is your favourite song to perform? Why?

‘How does it feel’ – It’s energetic, friendly, gets people sucked in, but really the lyrics are calling people out. It’s a track that takes a dig at people that have what we call ‘good vibes money’… “Silver spoon kids” dumbing it down, pretending to just get by, never having any money, posing as working class, but they come from money, so will never really understand how it feels to properly graft, to properly take a risk chasing your dreams.

// What was the last film you/you all saw?

Ciaran: The Sisters Brothers – 3.5 popcorns.

Andy: Bohemian Rhapsody.

Curtis: What you giving it?

Andy: 4/5 Popcorns.

Curtis: Heard it got slammed?

Andy: I don’t give a f***, I liked it.

Curtis: Tom, what was the last film you watched?

Tom: That one with you, that Jean Claude Van Damme one.

Curtis: F***, ‘Cyborg’! – 0.5 popcorns.

Tom: .5 cos JCVD is in it.

// How does the songwriting process usually go?

Andy: Well we all write in some form, so depends on what is brought to the table. If it is just an idea, a motif or a loop, there is one process, if it is more a fully matured idea, there is another. How we make the records we make, is our dirty little secret though!

// Dream band or artist to share a stage with?

Ciaran: Iggy Pop, old geezer still at, running about with his top off. I’d love to get on and do that before him.

Curtis: Mate, no one would come and pay to see your potato belly.

Tom: Jack White, Fat White Family, Gorillaz.

Andy: Yea, Gorillaz would be a mint one.

// Best takeaway in Manchester?

Curtis: Can you class Kabana as a takeaway? (Kabana is a rice and 3 at on Back Turner St, Manchester).

Andy: Course you can.

Tom: Alif Grill.

Curtis: To be fair Alif is decent.

Andy: Rustica. Best sarnie in Manchester.


FTK perform at Band On The Wall on Saturday 23rd March 2019. Tickets are available here.

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