Danny Starr is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from London. His two EPs and two latest singles have been featured on BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and major blogs and radio worldwide, where Danny’s exceptional lyric writing and heartfelt vocal delivery have found scores of high profile fans. Ahead of a show at the Rose & Monkey Hotel on Friday 13th, we caught up with the budding young musician.

// How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Indie rock species reflection exploring the trials and tribulations of the future of the human race, preceded and infused with heartbreak fuelled adolescent angst.

// Is there anything you’re working on we should know about?

I’m currently working on a collection of new tracks that are gonna be slowly finding their way into your ears over the next year or so. I’m also hitting the road for a headline tour for the first time this September, so of course a lot of work is going into putting the shows together for that. I’m buzzing to get back on stage and for these new tracks to get heard for the first time. Maybe one of them will sneak out into the world before then too…

// Do you have a favourite venue in Manchester?

Ridiculous… but I have never actually been to Manchester… so it’s gonna have to be the Rose & Monkey Hotel as that’s where I’ll be singing my tunes on the Manchester leg of my tour. I cannot wait to be in Manchester for the first time and I’m making sure I have a couple of days beside the gig to do some exploring.

// What music have you been listening to this week?

Currently I’m listening to what is probably the widest range of genres I’ve ever had mixed into my playlists, but top 5 tracks this week I can’t get enough of are…

Alexandra Savior – Crying All the Time

The National – I Am Easy To Find

Babyshambles – Picture Me In A Hospital

Rhys Lewis – Bloodstains

Iyamah – Cryptic Love

// What is your favourite song to perform? Why?

There are a couple of tracks, like Elixir and Double Red Line, which are always a dream to play live to my fans because I get to see everyone singing the lyrics with me, and that is a really special experience. I recently played at the Garage in London and hearing a few hundred people singing Elixir back to me was preeetty insane. I have written a couple of new ones though which I cannot wait for everyone to hear, and from rehearsing those tracks I feel I might have a new favourite in the near future.

// What is the best purchase you ever made?

Its tight between Ruby, my gorgeous Gibson Les Paul, who wondered with me into a completely new wave of writing, or the one time I got two kebabs for the price of one after a student night. Holding those kebabs and holding Ruby for the first time felt pretty similar must be said.

// Who are your favourite lyricists? And why?

Alex Turner has always been and continues to be one of my biggest lyrical inspirations. His work with Alexandra Savior really pushed him, and her as well, towards the top of my list. The intricacy of the lyrics and the way you feel drawn down a path by each line of their songs is exactly what I aim for with a lot of my writing. But sometimes I’m very up front with my lyrics, and I really just lay down the truth. That definitely came from growing up listening to Amy Winehouse non-stop. Raw emotion and honesty gets me tied up in a song for sure. A couple more to mention who have recently grabbed me are Damon Albarn and Josh and Tom from Jungle. I’ve always loved Damon’s genre-spanning work and I’ve been a fan of Jungle for years, but since I’ve entered a period of writing during which I’ve been exploring so many new alien avenues to me as a musician, the lyrics in some of the tunes I’ve been enjoying for years have really started resonating in a different way.

// What’s the best food to eat when you’re touring?

There can never be too many kebabs.


Danny Starr performs at the Rose & Monkey Hotel on Friday 13th September 2019. Tickets are available here.

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